About Us

Inaayah ( عناية • Care, Concern) was founded by a group of friends with a simple mission: to curate unique, inspiring events that support organizations committed to serving migrant, refugee, and displaced communities. 

Contact us at inaayah.org@gmail.com. 


Isha Mehmood is the Chief Executive Officer of Inaayah. She is also a lawyer, artist, and human rights advocate. In her pro bono practice, Isha has advised clients on legal avenues to pursue accountability for human rights abuses and represented individuals seeking refugee and asylum status in the United States. In her spare time, Isha enjoys hiking, reading, and discovering vegetarian restaurants around the city. 

Umer Ali is the Chief Operations Officer of Inaayah and a litigator at an international law firm. Umer's childhood was split between Pakistan and the United States, but now calls New York home. As part of his litigation practice, Umer has represented a diverse array of pro bono clients, including refugee applicants, LGBTQ advocacy groups, and international human rights organizations. In his spare time, Umer enjoys listening to Sufi music, watching cricket, and working on his tennis game. 

Amir Badat is the Chief Partnerships Officer of Inaayah, a litigator, and an election reform advocate.  Passionate about making a difference, Amir has represented clients seeking asylum in the United States, fought to prevent the repeal of DACA, and worked to protect voting rights around the country, particularly in his home state of Mississippi.  Amir loves to play basketball and hang out with his baby son listening to Qawwali and Southern hip hop.

Zahrah Devji is the Chief Financial Officer of Inaayah and is a corporate lawyer at a technology company. In the past, she’s worked with various clients, including refugees and asylum seekers, to help navigate the U.S. immigration system. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Zahrah now calls New York City home. When she’s not behind her desk, Zahrah’s a registered yoga instructor,  wellness enthusiast and vegan baker.

Sana Venjara is the Chief Communications Officer of Inaayah and a reporter-producer. She’s born and raised in New York, and alongside her media career, she’s spent years supporting food security efforts across the city. When she’s not museum or gallery hopping, she’s currently developing her debut feature documentary.